Modern Jazz fused with old school Boom Bap, sprinkled with vinyl scratches, and soaked in saxophone.  Conscious, genre defying, bold, and original flavors lay the foundation for the folklore wisdom of Marv Ellis, and the cunning whit & explosive energy of MiC iLL K. 

Their music is packed with thought provoking ideas, big beats, beautiful jazz, and represents the honest and raw northwest lifestyle they come from.  Their high-energy shows move the crowd and illuminate the room with positive vibes.

Six individual masters of their craft uniting together to form WE TRIBE for one purpose; to unite the people while bringing forth the art. Oregon born, and Internationally known, this band of brothers continue to impress newcomers while garnering notoriety everywhere they go.

From being recommended by David Way himself, 
“To selling out shows all over Oregon, 
Marv Ellis & WE Tribe are definitely on the move.” 
– Tree Fort Music Festival (Boise)
– Oregon Country Fair (Veneta)
– Crystal Ballroom (Portland)
– Mississippi Studios (Portland)
– Wonder Ballroom (Portland)
– Doug Fir (Portland)
– The Emerald Cup (Santa Rosa)
– Mo’s Alley (Santa Cruz)
– Neumo’s (Seattle)
– McDonald Theater (Eugene)
– The Legionairre (Oakland)
– The Zanzibar (Santa Monica)
– Green Fest (Cabo San Lucas)
– Unity Festival (Santa Fe)
  Marv Ellis
(new band website is www.wetribe.one)